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Marie Kenny


I tell visual stories for slightly quirky, creative souls
and small business owners. Simply and beautifully.


If you need to tell your unique story in a simple, efficient yet visually compelling way.

If the whole business and marketing side of things freaks you out a little bit.

If indecision and doubt tend to hold you back but you know you have a story to tell.

I've got you. 


Wanna bring simple back?

Hop along and




are you in search of

a graphic designer

Whether you already have a picture in mind or have no idea where to start, your designs need to tell a story before a single word is uttered. 

If you tend to lose sleep over typography and Pantone colour swatches, we have so much to catch up on! If not, relax. You're with someone who does.

could you use

a business whisperer

Do you need a hand clarifying your vision and purpose and taming all your crazy ideas into an actionable plan? Need help clearing your over-analytical mind of its self-destructing demons? Do you need a virtual buddy to call when you're about to lose it? 

I'm your girl.

are you a creative in need of

a community

Do you ever feel like you're spending too much time hustling and not enough time creating?

Fancy joining a tribe of other amazing creatives on a journey to create more with less and find some support along the way?

I got you.

Marie Kenny.jpg


Like I said...

 I like to keep things simple.

I am passionate about helping other creatives find more joy, efficiency and creativity in their work & lives with the help of minimalism.

I'm a French graphic designer, business strategist & minimalist mentor who helps overwhelmed creatives simplify their lives to run a more mindful and profitable business without losing their mind. 

Or their furniture.

Your story on paper. Or pixels. Whatever.


Are you the CEO, COO, CFO (and angry MOFO when the coffee runs out) of your little business?

Do you feel like your homemade graphics won't cut it anymore and you would rather spend the limited time you have elsewhere?

Do you ever feel crazy overwhelmed with the infinite options out there (Pinterest, you evil time sucker! Whatever happened to the good ol’ chicken or beef!)?

I hear you.

I will help you narrow down what makes you unique and put your story to paper (or pixels whatever floats your boat) in a beautiful and genuine manner. 

Tell me who you are. Tell me your story. I'll take care of the rest. Easy peasy.



For the small biz owner. Who dreams big.


I love small businesses and the crazy dreamers who shoot for the stars.
I mean, friend, I get you.

But we both know that life takes over. When you hustle, your awesome life-size vision and big fat goals can get lost along the way. My mission: help you find your voice and creative groove, and make you the biz rock star that we both know you are.

So what's in for you? A sense of calm direction, a step by step, actionable strategy and the occasional kick in the butt or deep meaningful chat over a cup of tea. Or G&T. Depending how badly you need me.

Let's write the next chapter of your story, shall we?


Creative Minds can be awfully cluttered.


And clutter? Ain't good for you darling.




Like Creativity. Clarity. Focus. And confidence.


My purpose is to rid creative minds of clutter and self-doubt, so you can finally see how awesome you are, and grace the world with your magic. 

Why? Because I've been there. And not living to your full potential sucks.

So get ready to let go of any excess baggage and go straight to the core of your purpose and creative groove.