I tell visual stories for slightly quirky, creative souls
and small biz owners. Simply and beautifully.


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I'm a self-taught designer, calligrapher and educator who likes writing lists.

I have been known to take an insane amount of photographs, I like to dance in the kitchen and am totally obsessed with the smell of paper, Apple devices and minimalism.

I’m mom to a toddler, a three-legged cat and a budding baby biz.


Your story on paper. Or pixels. Whatever.


Are you tying the knot? Expecting a little munchkin?
Throwing yourself a fabulous party 'cause who needs an excuse anyway?

Having survived all of the above [self five] I get that you probably feel crazy overwhelmed with the infinite options out there (whatever happened to the good ol’ chicken or beef?!). 

Whatever your reason for dancing and blowing bubbles though, I will help you narrow down what makes you unique and put your story to paper (or pixels whatever floats your boat) in a beautiful and authentic manner. 

Tell me who you are. Tell me your story. I'll take care of the rest. Easy peasy.



For the small biz owner. Who dreams big.


I love small businesses and the crazy dreamers who shoot for the stars.
I mean, friend, I get you.

But we both know that life takes over. When you hustle, your awesome life-size vision and big fat goals can get lost along the way. My mission: help you find your voice and creative groove, and make you the biz rock star that we both know you are.

So what's in for you? A sense of calm direction, a brand that'll knock your clients's socks off, professional design, kick ass strategy and the occasional kick in the butt or deep meaningful chat over a cup of tea. Or G&T. Depending how badly you need me.

Let's tell your kick-ass story, shall we?


Live simply. Get more done. Stay sane.


I'm pretty good at getting stuff done.

The thing is, being mom to a small biz, a toddler and a 3-legged cat (long story) can be pretty overwhelming at times. So I've been working overtime trying to find life hacks to get more done. While freeing some much needed white space in my day. And stay sane.

Sounds too good to be true? Have faith my friend! It's a lot easier than you think.
And you know what? I'm gonna let you in on that action too.

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