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I'm Marie, and I like to keep things simple.


(And I really think you should, too.)


I'm a French graphic designer, minimalist mentor, & business strategist who helps overwhelmed creatives simplify their lives to run a more mindful and profitable business without losing their mind.

Or their furniture.
(‘cause I may love minimalism but I won’t be counting the number of stuff you own. No M’am.)


I'm here to help you live simply, create more & stay sane.


Macaron Republic - About

Just like you, I’m a big dreamer and have a slight tendency to shoot for the stars.

But we both know that life takes over. When you hustle, your inspiration, vision and insatiable drive to make an impact on this world can get lost along the way.

And that's just sad.

My purpose is to rid creative minds of clutter and self-doubt, so they can finally see how awesome they are, and grace the world with their magic. Why? Because I've been there too. And not living to your full potential sucks.

So get ready to let go of any excess baggage and go straight to the core of your purpose and creative groove.


SOME MAY SAY I’m your cluttered desk and indecision's worst nightmare.

[ insert evil laugh here ]

More seriously though.


I’m the girl you call...


When you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where. The heck. To start. 
I’ve been known to break down insurmountable mountains into simple, strategic, M&Ms-sized little chunks and get results fast.

When your mind starts playing tricks on you and makes you question your creative genius. 
I've had not one, but two acronyms created after me: MMT (the "Marie Magic Touch") and ISO M.K. Impressed yet?

When you're about to throw in the towel and give up on your dreams.
It's simply not an option. I won't let you.


Are we the right fit?

Well, you tell me.

I'm a simple girl, with an over-analytical mind.


I'm an INFJ ("Eye-Enn-Eff-Jay") personality type, the rarest kind. While that's probably why I spent my life questioning whether I truly belonged on this planet, this also makes me a natural mentor, teacher and listener with a tendency to want to change the world for the better. Meaningless is not part of my vocab, and my dreams always come with a blueprint. Hence lists. Goals. And strategy. Consider yourself warned.


I have been known to take an insane amount of photographs. On my first trip to the African bush, I took over 2000 pictures on day one. Ok I lie. Within the first hour. I love writing lists, dancing in the kitchen and am totally obsessed with the smell of paper, calligraphy supplies and curating the perfect indie playlist. I tend to lose sleep over typography and Game of Thrones. I mean, this show is insane, right?


I'm a cellist who trained at the conservatoire but [ Caution: Robin Sparkles alert ] rebelled against the institution to play in a post rock indie band (yeah, not too sure what that means either BUT you can find our album on iTunes, and one of our songs has even been used in a TV show - can you say #almostfamous? Alright Barney, I'll make it easy for you and direct you here to have a listen - no judging 'k?).


I believe in beautiful, simple aesthetics. Platon said it better than me: "Great design simplifies a very complicated world." I think this applies to life, too. 
My design style is clean, modern and genuine, with a sprinkle of quirkiness here and there. 


James Bond. When I was little, I didn't dream so much of becoming a Disney princess, my aspirations where more the James Bond girl type (the logical result of growing up with a bunch of boys). The legend says that I would have been spotted from time to time playing the ukulele on the beach, stealing some moves from Ursual Andress in Dr No


I’m mom to a toddler and a three-legged cat (long story). So I have a little human attached to my hip most of the time. Which brings me to my next point:

Drink of Choice

Coffee by day, wine by night. Red, always. South African or French. I could be slightly biased here.
Gin on the odd lazy afternoon. Craft preferably, with botanical flavours. Keeps the mosquitos away.

Oh, you want the love story too?

I was born and raised in France's capital of gastronomy Lyon, but contracted a serious case of travel bug at university. After wandering around Europe and the Middle East for a few years, I settled in sunny South Africa because I fell in love with both the boy (now turned husband) and his beautiful home country. We recently packed our bags again and are now resting our heads in Zambia.

I always felt like I'd enjoy life a lot more working with a tribe of quirky creative souls rather than roam the roads of the corporate world. And you know what? It turns out I was right. All I needed to take the plunge was a positive pregnancy test and the most supportive hubby on the planet. Boom.

But like most fairy tales, my story involves some dark moments of doubt, anxiety, depression and total burnout. The hours were long. The days were short. I started to resent work. I started to resent motherhood. And I felt like I couldn't breathe anymore.

Queue Marie Kondo and a new found passion for minimalism, which totally transformed the way I live and work (I spill it all here). I have now made it my life mission to help others experience the same feeling of liberation so that the creative world can be a little more fun, joyful and light. 

With white space for days. Obviously.  


Macaron Republic - About - Tim & Marie

First, last & always.

Like you'll never be quenched. And watch yourself grow.

Take one step. Follow through. Move mountains.

It's good for your soul.

Your brain'll thank you for it.

This is where true beauty lies.

Life's too short not to.

Love others. Love all creatures. Love the universe.

Enjoy work, be silly. Don't take yourself seriously.

It will all fall into place eventually.


Be a James Bond girl

(with a French accent, obviously)


Speak in a perfect British accent

(no one said I can't contradict myself...)


Graduate from Le Cordon Bleu

(Julia, are you with me?)


Visit Japan

(the country responsible for both sushi & Marie Kondo
is pretty special in my book)


Write a Novel

(at least as good as Nick Hornby's ones)


Play on Stage Again

(ah! the sweet rush of adrenaline...)

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