Creative Minds can be awfully cluttered.
And clutter? Ain't good for you darling.

Macaron Republic - Magic Wand


I help you DESIGN A SIMPLE LIFE TO make space for what matters.


Like Creativity. Clarity. Focus. And confidence.


If you feel like you're spending too much time hustling and not enough time creating.

If the whole business and marketing side of things freaks you out a little bit.

If indecision and doubt tend to hold you back.

If you start most days thinking "I'll be happy when..."


Girl. There isn't anything wrong with you.


I've been there. I got you. There's no need to figure it out on your own.

Macaron Republic - Mission

Sounds like a plan?

Hop along and

pick your yellow white brick road



Are you in SEARCH of

a weekly shot of minimalist lifestyle inspiration, mindful business tips & white space on the rocks, with a sprinkle of mommyhood, slow adventures and travel stories? 

Right this way.


Are you curious about

experiencing the life changing magic of living with less and creating white space in your life & business, in a step by step format? Fancy joining a tribe of other amazing creatives on a journey to create more with less and find some support along the way?

I got you.


Do you need a hand

clarifying your vision and purpose
and taming all your crazy ideas into an actionable plan? Need help clearing your over-analytical mind of its self-destructing demons? Do you need a virtual buddy to call when you're about to lose it? 

I'm your girl.

Macaron Republic - Minimalism For Creatives
Macaron Republic - Coaching & Consulting
Macaron Republic - Coaching
Marie Kenny - Macaron Republic

I'm Marie by the way...


And I like to keep things simple.

I am passionate about helping other creatives find more joy, efficiency and creativity in their work & lives with the help of minimalism.

I have been known to take an insane amount of photographs, I like to dance in the kitchen and am totally obsessed with the smell of paper, calligraphy supplies and curating the perfect playlist.